The box has some characteristics on itself, ala disk size, max speed, etc., but we will find out all this and check it a little further. Inside the box, we are waiting for the disk box itself, a very thick USB 3.0 A to USB 3.0 Type B cable, as well as a 12v power supply. In connection with the move to a new case in which there are no compartments for 3.5 disks, the question arose,

Ugreen US222 Case for 3.5 Hard Drives

Shipping was via "AliExpress Standard Shipping" from China, and it was marked as free, but I can smell the shipping on this lot is not a small price. The seller does not declare any mind-blowing chips. What did not particularly please me was the condition of the package, it is a branded yugrin package, and although it is pleasantly beautiful and all that, unlike the classic yellow package, there are no pimples here, and all the difficulties of life are immediately transferred to the product. Overview on a large ugreen pocket for 3.5 hard drives. In general, this is a “chamber” case, the more expensive analogues from Oriko offer an aluminum spacer for cooling the disk, and all the cheaper analogues have an aluminum case, but at the same time, cables of poor quality with usbA < usbA ports and noneme controllers. The box arrives in a cardboard box, it’s funny that it is quite long and "thin". We test, we understand. Of course, this applies only to Moscow time and large cities close to them, but the speed of the same Russian mail is pleasantly surprising, from the delivery time, the parcel traveled across Russia only a third of the time, and China Post worked the longest. Yugrin promises a normal usb3 controller, a "cooling" system, disk protection due to soft pads and a plastic case. where to put 2tb on which the storage of torrents, and backups. The parcel did not reach, but flew in 9 days, while the 20th order was accepted on the 20th in the evening, and on the 29th in the morning it was already ready for delivery. take a usb<>3.5hdd case. everything is sealed in a soft bag, brand new and not opened. Yugrin turned out to have a suitable model, which we will consider under the cut. The solution turned out to be simple – connect the disk to the router and make a ball, and for this