The neck part turned out to be available, and they put it into action. The chamber consists of 5 mesh trays, arranged one-on-one and covered with a lid. The first tranche of products is optimal as a healthy dessert, the second – as an unhealthy addition to wine or beer. According to the seller’s assurances, with the BEAR dryer, you can dry various products, such as dried fruits, nuts, vegetables and meat, as well as medium-sized dog food for 7-10 days. As you can see in the photo, I started at 17.39 hours, and after 4 hours I was eager to get the result. 5 trays in the set are made of transparent plastic. It’s a pity that technology does not convey the aroma and taste) All delicious The dryer came in a box, wrapped in polyethylene with instructions thrown inside the drying chamber. Moving on to heavy artillery – Pork. It was clear from the shriveled googlers of apples that it was possible to take a sample. Apple Tangerine Banana Orange As a result of a 12-hour drying marathon, apples, tangerines and bananas were significantly dehydrated. In the meantime, the electricity tariff is $0.05 / 1 kW, and the district is full of forests – the table will not get poorer. Evenly place the slices in the trays. There are slots in the bottom of the dryer for more efficient air intake. Frustrated and hungry, I went to bed, and in the morning at 6.50, the first thing I rushed to check the result. However, during this time, I did not find practically any change in the products. After 6 hours, the meat showed the first signs of drying. As a result, from 500-600 grams of fruit, we got 140 grams of dried fruit. The exception was the orange, which had a crust on the outside, but remained juicy inside. The dryer control unit is quite simple – the power button and the air supply temperature regulator. Structurally, the dryer consists of the chamber itself and the base, in which there is a heating element and a small fan that blows warm air into the drying chamber. For us, it’s perfect. Apparently, the dryer was conceived in a rectangular case or the control unit goes to other models. The aroma of the products is not lost, they are chewed like chewing gum. With the already high prices of tasty treats like fruit chips or dried meats, having your own dryer is a great option. We turn to checking the declared parameters: turn on the dryer and turn it on at full power. Let’s take it apart as usual and take a look inside. The meat turned out to be moderately dry, not crispy. Well, if so, let’s start operating the dryer, but first let’s turn to In general, it is recommended to take less fatty meat. We cut the temperature to the maximum, as recommended by the manufacturer and wait for a miracle. As a result, I ordered a simple Bear BY1142 on a well-known site and that’s what came. The trigger for the purchase of the dryer was the exclamation of the wife in the store about the rise in price of her favorite fruit chips. The fact that transparent plastic is used is definitely a plus for me: during the drying process, the condition of the products can be seen. This topic has been of interest to me for a long time, and with the move to live outside the city, interest has only intensified. Result: Recently, the cost of products in our area has begun to grow significantly. Excess fat was squeezed out of the structure of the meat, but partially remained on the surface. We dry fruits and meat at home. Switch and thermostat The heating element is made according to the principle of my mother’s hair dryer Motor with an impeller for air intake. At the base of the device is a hole with impeller guides for convection of warm air. For drying, he will need at least 35-38 hours. Season with salt and pepper and arrange on trays. If you want to make chips from fruit, it will take twice as long. According to the regulations, fruits must be dried from 4 to 38 hours at a temperature of 50-60 degrees. The slices turned out viscous, dried. From 260 grams of meat, as a result of drying, 90 grams of an excellent dried product were obtained. Well, the apples are a little weathered, and that’s all. The power of the unit is 250 W, the volume of the drying chamber is 4 liters. Dimensions of the trays The stack of trays of the drying chamber is covered with a transparent cover with holes for the removal of warm air. Assembly
neat, no complaints about isolation.

Review of Bear BY1142 fruit and meat dryer

We will start with them. BUT
after 9 hours it became clear that the pig had reached the condition. I found the positioning of the button and knob to be funny. The appearance is quite ordinary, typical for budget segment equipment: the plastic is rather thin, the fonts are Chinese. Set the temperature control to 55 degrees and start the dryer. Household thermometer shows an honest 70 degrees