We tighten, but do not forget that this is plastic and you can break either the screwdriver or the case. I note that from a distance of 0.5 the corrugated cardboard breaks through, and the firing range is up to 5 meters.
We install correctly, otherwise it will not work. A little long and crawled out from the back, but it does not affect the accuracy of shooting.
In the instructions with pictures it is indicated how to assemble, although everything is clear. We insert the screws
It is proposed again to assemble everything with a mini screwdriver
Included was a quiver of arrows/toothpicks.
Let’s start assembling. The kit includes instructions, a disassembled crossbow and a quiver of arrows. Aimed shooting no more than 1-2 meters.
Let’s move on to field tests.
We cover with the back.
Not all arrows will fit, but only with sharpening from one end. We pull the bowstring on the castle. set the arrow to the stop. the arrow must pass through the pocket of the shoulders and lie in the guide until it stops. Today is a mini review of a mini crossbow. We collect the body and butt. It is made of a special steel cable that withstands 3 tons of breaking and can pull an average foreign car out of a ditch. By the way, you can choose from black, silver and bronze.
We set the bowstring into the cutouts of the shoulders. The body (handguard) of the crossbow consists of plastic painted in silver color, most of the parts are inserted with a spike / groove and fixed with screws.
Installing the shoulders of the crossbow.
Installing the string.

Mini crossbow, assembly / disassembly, shooting

Everything is crumbly inside, so don’t lose it when you open it.
Delivery in a regular gray package. And do not forget the shoulders should https://jiji.com.et/building-and-trades-services/carports look "up".
We look so that the shoulders and the guide enter the grooves
forearm of a crossbow.
The crossbow is ready to fire.
Shortly about safety. It looks very tiny in the hand, but when shooting, it is a hell of a thing with a good rate of fire. 3.JPG” /”>
For installation, we need a guide, which is also a holding mechanism for the arrow. They are made of spring steel and spring well. This is a toy and I thought so too when I received it. Mini Lego.
We fasten from the end of our crossbow.
Don’t forget about the trigger, it can be found in the package with the screws. And don’t forget about technology.