Fitbit Charge 3 review: bracelet updated and improved

Recently, the sports bracelet market has become less active. A few years ago, many enjoyed the next gadget that allowed you to measure calories and pulse, today you will not surprise anyone with this. It’s been almost two years since Fitbit released the popular Charge 2, which offered a host of new features and value for money. Meet the Fitbit Charge 3 fitness bracelet.

Fitbit Charge 3 Overview

In August 2018, Fitbit expanded its Charge lineup with a new third-generation device, the Charge 3, featuring a large screen, lightweight, waterproof design and all the benefits that made the Charge 2 a bestseller. Are these updates enough to attract buyers? Let’s find out.

Fitbit Charge 3 reviews

Fitbit Charge 3 specs

Lighter material including aerospace aluminum body and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 display. Anodized aluminum body and buckle.

Battery life

Optical heart rate monitor, 3-axis accelerometer, altimeter, SpO2, vibration motor

OLED touchscreen, TFT

Communication and connections

NFC (Special edition)

Bluetooth, WiFi
Charge 3 stores your data for 7 days between syncs

Breathing, women’s health tracking

Fitbit Charge 3 specifications