Bluetooth headphones Zealot B19 (with buns in the form of AUX, FM, MicroSD). You can use it!

Good afternoon. Since the NHL is in full swing and, as luck would have it, it goes on at night, and commentator Mosalev yells strongly in a pleasant frenzy, it was decided to think about Bluetooth headphones, plus more movies on the couch at night and games … After all, the speakers are booming, and Sennheiser HD 595 are limited by wire. A bluetooth column also does not solve the problem.

In the end, when choosing, I decided to try the Zealot product, the choice fell on the B19 model, which was on Bangud’s sale, but I did not have time to catch it. As a result, I found an offer acceptable to me on Ali

The B570 headphones have a modification with folding ear cushions, but with China, the simpler the better. Also, the headphones came in a complete set, but without retail packaging, why overpay for this potentially 200-300 rubles?

Headphones were in a large air container, came without problems. In addition to the "ears", the package includes a charging cable and a manual with pictures in Chinese and English.

The quality is very good. There are no backlashes. The battery was charged. You can find fault with the slightly uneven firmware on the ear cushion, but these are nit-picking. In general, for this money — OK.! I note that inside the darling there is a metal insert – there is hope for the “walkability” of the ears without tuning with adhesive tape, hello Bludio Turbina. There are notches on the plastic, but this does not interfere.

There is no indication of L / R on the headphones – maybe station wagons? Let’s do it like in the promo picture. So we have the battery on the left (BL-5B), control on the right …

The display shows the mode, volume level, battery charge, track … The buttons have backlash, but not critical. The controls are intuitive, play / pause, ± and switch tracks, respectively. All mode switches are accompanied by a woman’s voice in English (which is nice). After activating the mode, the display goes out.

Connector for connecting an AUX cable, next to a microUSB connector for charging