Direct market access is available for both stocks and options, allowing traders to decide how they want their orders to be routed. Futures are a remarkable trading vehicle that allows traders to trade a variety of instruments. Regardless of the futures trading strategies you use, make sure you know them so deeply that you can execute it without hesitation.

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So, how might we anticipate what’s to come in 2022, and how might that inform our choices as to which futures markets to trade? Let’s begin with the potential market drivers for this year. When you take a look at the success rates of new futures traders, something almost seems to be amiss…. A lot of people are intimidated because they think futures are complex but the reality is there is nothing easier to trade. The only slightly complex thing is the margin rates but that takes 5 minutes of reading to understand.

Cobra Trading offers a strong range of platforms, competitive commission rates and reliable customer support. For our 2023 Annual Review, we tested 17 different online brokerages, six of which are futures trading brokers. TD Ameritradehas top rankings in our listing of the best online brokers for its mobile app and its beginner-friendly options. The latter can also pertain to new day traders learning the ropes, since TD Ameritrade has the most extensive educational resources of any day trading platform in our survey. In this section, you’ll get information about futures trading strategies that work so you can take advantage of the opportunities in the futures market. As a disclaimer, you need to be aware if you’re going to day trade futures because it’s a risky business.

Look for 3 killer ways to ignite your affiliate commissionss that usually trade upwards of 300,000 in a single day. You’ll then know you can buy and sell at the levels you want, and there’ll probably always be another trader there to buy and sell from you. Margin positions vary from broker to broker, however, TD Ameritrade and NinjaTrader offer attractive margin deals. If you have $25,000 in your account and trade one S&P E-Mini contract, you could pay anywhere between $7,500-$12,500 in commissions each year.

Futures Trading Strategies (Trading Futures for Dummies)

Futures markets are open almost 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. For guidance on charts, patterns, strategy, and brokers, see our cryptocurrency page. If you are interested in technology and have an appetite for risk, then cryptocurrency markets may well be for you. Exchange risk – There is currently no clear market risk definition. However, if your exchange goes bust you could lose all of your capital.

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Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency that emerged from a hard fork of Bitcoin. Like Litecoin, BCH is often seen as a better alternative to Bitcoin. It is also a bit faster and its network is not as congested.

An essential component, if you’re trading futures, is leverage. This means you don’t have to pay for the entirety of the contract when you initiate a trade. Instead, you pay a minimal up-front payment to enter a position. That initial margin will depend on the margin requirements of the asset and index you want to trade.

The 10-year is also less volatile in of dollars at risk per contract. For example, if you held a 10-year contract through a typical trading session, you could see your profit/loss fluctuate up to $700 (0.70 points x $1000/point). Hence, in our quest to find the best futures for day trading, we have picked the top 10 futures contracts by trading volume listed on the exchanges under the CME Group. When testing brokerages, we looked for tools specifically helpful to day traders, like advanced charting and order types, and rapid trade execution. In our customer service tests, we measured the time it took to get a response over the phone, by live chat and by email.

During a typical trading session, the price may only move once or twice, resulting in few profitable opportunities. It is a popular market for long-term traders and institutions, not day traders. View a one-minute chart of this futures contract, and you will see that it doesn’t move much, thus not favoring day trades. The key factors necessary to succeed in day trading are fast, reliable execution of trades and the lowest possible trading commissions.

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If you day trade options, those commissions can pile up quickly. Firstrade, Robinhood and Webull don’t charge for trading and exercising options. We found Webull’s desktop platform to be very friendly to beginners.


The link above has a list of brokers that offer these play platforms. The E-mini S&P futures are electronically traded, which makes trade executions very fast and liquid. The Dow futures, E-mini Nasdaq futures, and E-mini Russell futures are also popular among futures day traders who focus on the stock market.

Before You Day Trade

Day traders interested in this stock will want to keep an eye on new electronics releases. You’ll need to screen for high-volume stocks that trade over 1 million daily shares. Volatile stocks move relatively large amounts in a very short period of time so that they can generate significant returns very quickly.

If your balance falls below that level, you need to add more money. It’s recommended by some that you provide yourself a cushion by maintaining at least $30,000 in your account. There is no such requirement for trading forex or futures, but brokers have their own requirements, with many requiring a minimum $100 balance for forex and $1,000 for futures.

  • Shortly after launch, the coin’s price surged and its market cap rose to over $6 billion.
  • Round-the-clock trading gives you access to over 150 futures products with no hard-to-borrow or short sale restrictions.
  • However, before you decide, consider your financial circumstances, market knowledge, availability, and your risk tolerance.
  • Knowledgeable traders can access a fully configurable platform that offers over 50 order types.
  • This means that the potential profits can be substantially higher.

Notwithstanding any such relationship, no responsibility is accepted for the conduct of any third party nor the content or functionality of their websites or applications. A hyperlink to or positive reference to or review of a broker or exchange should not be understood to be an endorsement of that broker or exchange’s products or services. Cardano implemented smart contract features in 2021 and has since then seen its ecosystem grow. Today, there are several applications built using Cardano’s technology including SundaeSwap and MinSwap. In total, they have a total value locked of over $300 million.

Do I need a margin account to trade futures?

Ranks futures contracts by the highest Daily Contract Volume. To day trade successfully, you’ll need to have time to watch the markets throughout the day. If you’ve already mastered the basics of investing, day trading can be an excellent way to make money quickly. Emerging tech such as Twilio’s communication services should always be on a day trader’s radar. With a volume strategy, you’ll look for stocks with a very high number of trades daily, which moves the price consistently. But now, you have a logical framework for finding the best futures for day trading.

As you can see, there is significant profit potential with futures. However, day trading oil futures strategies may not be successful when used with Russell 2000 futures, for example. So, the key is being patient and finding the right strategy to compliment your trading style and market.

Studies indicate that algorithmic trading has recently accounted as much as 60% to 73% of all equities trading in the United States. To a greater extent, individual ‘point and click’ traders are now competing against formidable machines. Charges low commissions and fees, and offers the lowest margin rates in our tests. The low commission or fee is another advantage of futures trading. Let’s now explore some of the advantages of futures trading. Options investors will appreciate free access to the OptionStation Pro platform.