At the bottom end there is a slot for a memory card. — AUX to connect your favorite player; Looks and feels very nice. 1. FM-Radio — The column / radio receiver itself; Controls: Those. if the device was lying on a table with a dead screen and playing music, you will have to press the button twice to switch the station / track. And so the backlight of the screen goes out (the time is adjusted through the menu) and that’s it, there is no use from the screen.
Those tightest complete laces: To revive it, you need to press any button. The set is not rich: Looking at a monochrome display (inverse, it seems that’s what it’s called when the characters are white) with fairly large pixels is unusual. It is not covered by any plug, so it is not protected from moisture in any way. Plays audio files from a micro-sd card. In terms of dimensions, the width-height is almost identical to a smartphone with a tiny, by today’s standards, 4.7-inch diagonal. Number one is this music box, designed to provide acoustic comfort in a portable format.
Switching on/off is carried out by the volume wheel and is accompanied by a pleasant elastic click, like on classic similar controls. That’s how it talks.
There are also two wide rubber feet around the edges, if you want to place the device horizontally on the table. – Bluetooth speaker; — Radio receiver (FM only) without a folding antenna; In my opinion, it is preferable to connect Micro-USB – you won’t have to force the device out of the AUX mode, which it enters when the Jack is connected. Can be connected via AUX. It feels monolithic, there is no excessive lightness and extraneous sounds inside – nothing rattles. The cable is weak, it passes only a current of 1A well, the voltage drops further.
3. Mp3/WMA/WAV player List of mobile phones with the same battery Up to 10 hours of operation in this mode. A box made of thick velvety cardboard with a magnetic lock. — BL-5C 1020 mAh battery, this comes with many Nokia phones and others, so if you have an old Nokia lying around, its battery can be used as a spare for this speaker. To all appearances, she protected the device during the "shed into the penalty area": ​​ I would make this loop a little longer, otherwise I wouldn’t pull it on my wrist or on the speaker itself. The device arrived in this box: What this palm-sized music box can do: At the same time, the device looks great, works up to 20 hours from a replaceable battery from Nokia (BL-5C), charges from Micro-USB and has 6 equalizer options. — Waste paper. This is a big plus for me over devices with built-in batteries. The button does not work, only the backlight turns on. Due to previous reviews on their equipment, I received good discounts on what I liked. On the right side there is a micro-usb charging connector, AUX, headphone output and the main control wheel – it turns on the device and adjusts the volume. Music radio with Bluetooth

If you want to listen to the radio in some hole where the reception is bad, you can connect any of the cables (Micro-usb or Aux) and it will begin to act as an antenna.
I am satisfied with the quality of their products – Audition headphones (a review once and a review two) have been used by me almost every day for almost a year, they have been tested by the Black Sea sun and the beach for 12 days and look and work like new. The side parts of the body are red-pink.
Speaker grilles are located on both the front and back of the device. – 3W speaker plus "Bass Radiator". I usually have it set up like this. The screen is good. I’m already out of the habit of such a sound, nostalgia is guaranteed 🙂 Also, if the battery of the device loses its capacity over the years, a replacement can be found without difficulty. 2. Bluetooth/AUX speaker the top end – numeric buttons from 1 to 0 and a microphone hole – can be used as a hands-free and answer calls when connected in Bluetooth mode. It works easily and very smoothly, but because of this lightness, I often scroll it when carrying it from place to place. But almost everything you need, it shows – I would make it OLED and display the clock on the screen in idle mode. There is nothing on the left side, it can be used as a support when the device is installed vertically. Connects to a smartphone via bluetooth and performs the function of a wireless speaker.

Avantree SP850. There is a safety loop on the left side, you can wind the receiver on your fingers. Buttons are rather stiff, with the exception of the wheel. — AUX cable, not as soft and pleasant to the touch as the one that comes with the headphones of this company – this one is hard. The device is a black plastic brick, soft-touch to the touch. Auto search, store radio stations, range 87-108 MHz.
The dimensions of the column are 130x66x32mm. There is no voice recorder function. — Player from Micro-SD card (MP3, WMA, WAV); Micro-USB cable. Bright, with uniform illumination. Looks like an old school cassette player.
The device has a headphone output so that it can be used as a personal radio or player. Up to 20 hours of work.
It lies well in the hand, does not try to fall out.