The Registry Editor is the Windows default tool for viewing and modifying the registry. However, this manual search is very time-consuming and filtering through the thousands of entries can be quite hard. Here, you will find a list of everything that is installed on your PC.

  • This can happen because of issues with your HDD or the partition software that you’re using.
  • Think of the romantic “comedies” where a guy (it’s always a guy) finds himself in hot water after his girlfriend looks at his browser history.
  • Here’s are some steps you can take to fix the blue screen of death issue.

New hardware.If you’ve added or replaced hardware on your computer recently, that’s one of the first places to look. Sometimes the solution is as simple as replacing the hardware, or at least temporarily removing it to see if the problem goes away. It’s annoying, and hopefully there won’t be negative repercussions, like data loss. But the bottom line is that every so often, it is possible to get a blue screen without knowing why or without needing to take any action.

Format the PC

However, there is a multitude of different ways this file could have been changed or edited. Therefore, if none of the download here above options worked for you, it’s worth double checking your local hosts file to ensure the website you’re trying to access isn’t in there. Sometimes VPNs and Antivirus software can conflict or override your network settings, including your DNS servers, etc. If you have any running, try temporarily disabling them to see if it resolves the DNS probe finished nxdomain error in Chrome. If this is not the case, click on the Settings button.

Finally, it uncovered 108 registry errors in our test. Scan it for duplicate files right now and free up gigabytes in three simple clicks. Jv16 PowerTools is a Windows utility suite designed to fix Windows errors, clean junk data and help you with common tasks such as bulk renaming files, finding duplicate files, etc.

Once done, reboot your PC and check if the problem persists or disappears. To scan and fix damaged system files, type CMD in the search box and select Run as administrator from the Command Prompt search result. Go to your video card manufacturer’s site and download the latest and most suitable version of the driver for your computer’s system and then boot normally.

Reason Behind Broken Registry Items

In Windows Live Mail, moving and deleting are related. Deleting will simply move your mail to the deleted folder. People with this problem, often need to delete or move multiple messages or entire folders. The message no longer exists, but WLM still shows it as being in its own folders and you simply cannot delete it using the normal procedure.

Top 6 Ways to Fix Default Apps Missing on Windows 11

If you suspect that hardware issues are to blame, you should test the computer’s memory for errors and many of the ways you can do that have been outlined above. Hi, I use an acer aspire laptop with an SSD running windows 10 home version 21h2. I’ve always used a backup to recover my pc from there, but I guess it should open your normal screen if you haven’t got a backup copy.